{Kliem} Family::2014

This is Dave, Paula, Caroline and Phoebe. They were kind enough to invite me to their home to make some memories.  They love spending time together, playing outside, reading and laughing with each other.  Their love for one another was sweet to watch and a pleasure to capture.


Big sis Caroline…


Little sis Phoebe…kliem-3kliem-8

I adore when clients do photos at home, it so natural and relaxed…and Paula and Dave’s house was an amazing location.  I was in love with all of the big trees and landscaping…



Sisters. kliem-6kliem-7

They use the words ‘laughter’, ‘love’ and ‘grateful’ to describe their family…perfection!


This crew is a also big fan of downtown (another one of my FAVORITE locations!), so after a quick snack and an outfit change, downtown we went…


You two are cute.


Caroline was such a trooper for these pics, she had a cough brought on by allergies. She would cough her head off, and them smile away without a single complaint…such a sweet girl!


You guys. I love this one.  It’s sooooo the girl’s personalities, don’t you think?  And sooooo fun!




The sign above them says ‘bliss’…yes, I think their Mama and Dad would agree!


Oh Paula and Dave! How I enjoyed meeting you and spending the evening with your wonderful family!  Thank you so very much!!  Much love to you all.

(Oh, and yes, this last one…another one of my favorites!)  ♥


{Blood} Family::2014

This is the Blood family! They are fun, full of energy and super-duper sweet!  We had a blast one evening snapping pictures on some gorgeous family property. This first one is my fave!  ♥


This is Jonathan, Tiffany, Gabrielle, Alexander and William.  They love to travel together and are always up for an adventure!



Ring-around-the-rosie, anyone? :)


I love seeing families grow, here they are from our last session together. 


All 3 kiddos have birthdays in October.  Gabby will be turning 8.  And, may I just say that I LOVE taking pictures of this little beauty! She has so many expressions, gorgeous eyes and is so easy to work with! blood-3blood-13

This is Alex, he’ll be 5 next month.  Such a cutie!


And, Mr. Melt Your Heart William.  He’ll be turning 3 and looooooved any jokes relating to farts.:)


Oh man…this property was a DREAM.  The kids loved this cool boat and had so much fun pretending in it…just what a portrait experience for kids should be!






















Blood family, you guys are way fun and I can’t thank you enough for thinking of me for another fun session!

Ready, set….




Much love friends, see you all soon!


{Pence} Family::2014

After spending some time with this family, you get the feeling they’d give you the shirt from their backs if you needed it.  They describe themselves as honest, God-loving and patient.  They were full of love and fun and we all had a great time at their session.



This is Chassity and Jeremy.  She describes him as the rock of the family and the man of her dreams.  They met in the Army both as paratroopers in the 82nd Airborne Division. They’ve been married for 18 years.  ♥pence-13

Oh how I love real-life-long-time-love…pence-12

I must take a minute to compliment Chassity for getting together some of the best outfit choices I’ve ever seen.  I loooooove how they coordinate, but don’t ‘match’, I love their color-scheme, I love the layers on the girls, I love the patterns and textures, I love the little details like scarves, shoes, hair bows…Love it all! pence-11

This one makes me smile.


And now, let me introduce you to the Pence kids…this is Eden.  She is 9 months and such a little ball of sunshine.  Her family, in Chassity’s words, “sits and admires her constantly”.


This is Isaiah.  He’s 6 years old and his Mama describes him as quick-witted.  He and big-sis, Ava are the best of friends.


Sweet Ava is 8. And, again, I have to share with you what Chassity says about her oldest girl…Ava has a heart of gold, is loyal and honest and has a gentle sweet spirit.


And last, or maybe first, I guess:)is biggest brother Zach.  At 15, Zach is the family’s comedian and athlete.  His mama says he is an old soul.


I have to tell you, Jeremy was so complimentary of my process and the session.  He made my day when he said that he was actually enjoying himself while we were shooting.  It’s always my goal to make family photo time enjoyable…I want you to look at these photos hanging on your walls each day and have happy thoughts of when they were taken. Life’s too short, right? Let’s have some fun.   So thankful that Jeremy and his family got that!


Oh sweet Eden…you’ve got them right where you want them, don’t you!


Such great kids…Chassity and Jeremy, you two sure are doing something right!


Me: “Hey, you guys.  Will you all lay down on this dirty ground for a quick shot?”

Them: “Sure!”

I ♥ when clients trust me.


Okay guys, here’s my advice…these next four images…print them BIG and take up an entire wall of your house with them!


We did a quick outfit change (Yes! This Mama came up with 2 amazing outfits for her family!!) and happened upon the most perfect spot for these outfits!:)



Pence family, I am SO thankful that we finally had the chance to get together for photos.  Your family is the sweetest!  Much love to you all!



{Ritzert} Family::2014

How time flies! Last year at this time we were admiring a newborn Reed, and this year, he’s one!  I adore working with this family and love watching all of their love.


This year, we met up at Matt’s parent’s house and it was a Dream (with a capital D).  First, Matt’s parents were some of the most welcoming, kind people I’ve ever met and second their property was simply gorgeous. And third! Matt’s adorable niece, Alli, was there and was such a help!


I bet if you looked up ‘love’ in the dictionary, you’d find this picture.


This scowl was a brand new face Reed’s been doing…it was hilarious!  ritzert-6ritzert-13

His first birthday theme was baseball…

























I sneak-peeked this one over on my Facebook page and my Instagram (Hey! You guys following me on Instagram? You should!) and I have to tell you, this is one of my most favorite images ever.  I adore when so much personality and emotion can be conveyed in a single image.


A few last shots for Dad…Go Browns!  (And Go Thumb-Suckers! Ooooohhhh how I love a thumb-sucker!) ♥


Matt and Marissa, it’s obvious you’ve done an amazing job this year with your little man. I loved getting to see you guys and make some more memories!  Much love and Happy Birthday, Reed! xo!


Rick and Marcia have a way of making you feel like family.  They are warm, kind and loving people that I am thankful to call friends.  And not just any friend, these are Lake friends!  You see, these are some of the great people on our boat dock who have taught me what it means to ‘show up’ for one another.  Rick and Marcia, and a whole dock full of sailors, are some of the most amazing people we’ve ever met…they are good friends and are there for each other in every way.


A little while back, I photographed these crazy sailors, who are good friends of Rick and Marcia.  This shoot inspired them to have a photo session of their own.  Which, was a pretty amazing thing. You see, Rick is usually the guy behind the camera.  (He takes some pretty amazing pictures!)  So, to go from behind the camera to in front of the camera takes A LOT of courage.  I was so proud of Rick for taking the leap with me! :)


Rick and Marcia have a truly loving and genuine marriage…it’s admirable, to say the least.  Their love for one another sure made my job an easy one.


These two cuties live on a nearby lake.  It was a natural spot for their session.  They could not be more thrilled or thankful to live by such a beautiful place.


This one makes me smile! :)  You two are fun.


Smooching AND feeding the ducks?! Aye-Yai-Yai! ;)


We did a quick outfit change and picked up their little sweetie, Abby.  Abby was the perfect little pup for her photos…she may have some experience in front of the camera…enslen-10enslen-11enslen-12

One of my favorites…


After this shot they said, “Oh! We almost forgot you were here!”….which, as a photographer, is a huge compliment.  Nothing better than actually relaxing and being 100% the real you while getting your photos taken!:)


Rick and Marcia, I had such a great time with you two! I am so thankful for your friendship and am thrilled that you allowed me to document your love.  Much much love to you both…see you at the Lake!